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Provide fresh relaxing new ways to manage overall well-being, spiritual enlightenment, and better lifesyle based on new positive knowledge from lost ancient African traditions, spirituality, and culture.

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Our villages, people, traditions, and culture come first

Collective perceptions build our narrative about something. Something that is believed or followed by our ancestors or people before us. These collective perceptions are not always true or positive. We humans are responsible to test and check if these are positive, true or good for us. Society is doomed when it follows perceptions that are negative in nature or leave a negative impact on its people. The education of children is an example of collective perception. It is believed that the education system is the thing that can tame and guide children for their better future and understanding of their life. But who knows if it's true or not? Maybe the education system we rely on is not correct. It might not have a positive impact on our children.There is a possibility that this perception is false and does not work the way it should. When was the last time the educational structure we have today was thoroughly examined?

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Fountain of Youth and Well-being

  • Find balance flixibility youthfulness and enlightenment with ease

Foundation of Being

  • Exploring deeper understanding of
  • personal and cosmic life
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